As If You Were Here



Poppa, I promised before

That Iíd soon be home

But just like the other times

Weíre talking by phone

Life out here on the road

Itís really not my home

Iím busy singing for folks

That I hardly know



But Iíll sing this song for you, Poppa

As if you were here

Iíll close my eyes for a moment and disappear

And it will be like it used to be

Just you and me

Just as if you were here



Tears slowly fall down my face

As I stand be Momís grave

She has been gone for so long

And now itís too late

Promises gone unfulfilled

As the years slipped away

I thought I had lots of time

What a sad price to pay


But Iíll sing this song for you MamaÖ.


Though the road get longer, the memories grow stronger

As the miles keep turning into years

This promise Iím keeping

That Youíll be here with me

No matter how hard it may be and I singÖ


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