Everything He Touches


Restless and alone I walk the lonely streets of life

I never cared where the nightfall fell on me

Sometimes on the wrong side of the law and decency

Then He came from out of no where

And He touched me


He touched me

And He turned my life around

He lifted me and place my feet on solid ground

The sun now shines where I thought it never would

Everything He touches turns to good.


Forever is His love

He promised everlasting life

And in His light Iíll never walk alone

He goes with me

Though the shadows of the night

And Everything He touches

It turns out right


He touched me

In a world that seems all wrong

He rejoiced with me

When He heard a sinnerís song

A prayer has made

A way where mountains stood

Everything He touches

Turns to good

Copyright © 2004 Terry Terrell. All rights reserved.  Revised: April 23, 2008 .       
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