Hunger In His Eyes


You can see him every night

Playing for the screaming mobs

That comes to see him


On and on, it just keeps going

More money and more fame

Is all thatís needed


But the war down deep inside him

Rages on in spite of all the things

That are suppose to make a happy life


All the money and the fame

Canít take away the hunger in his eyes.


Thereís a boy in some big city

Living on the streets and always on the run

Stealing money from a local store

To buy the drugs he needs to keep going on.


In the wastedness of his young mind

And all the fighting and the crime

Thereís an emptiness that just canít be ignored.


Well, thereís nothing in this world

That can take away the hunger in his eyes


There's millions just like them

Scattered all across this cruel and lonely world

And the only thing that can take away the hunger

Happened oh so many years ago


On a lonely hill called Calvary

Stood a cross whose shadow falls across forever

And on that cross there was a man

Innocent but dying for all others


Through all the pain and agony

Down through the ages he could see

The multitude of people and their faces


He had come into a dying world

to take away the hunger in their eyes

Friend, Jesus is the only one

to take away the hunger in your eyes

Copyright © 2004 Terry Terrell. All rights reserved.  Revised: April 23, 2008 .       

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